Tristan Fraser


YOB: 1982
Experience: Spearfisherman
Regions: Otago, Marlborough Sound
Interview Location: Dunedin, NZ
Interview Date: 02 November 2015
Post Date: 17 May 2017; Copyright © 2017 Tristan Fraser and Steve Crawford


CRAWFORD: In terms of education, how would you describe your history? Where were you? What did you do?

FRASER: Well, I haven’t done a lot of education, to be honest. I finished high school, and then travelled in my early twenties over in Europe and the UK. Came back from there, and went into retail with Centrefire McCarthy's, working in a hunting and fishing store. Not the hunting and fishing chain, but a store that sells that gear. And basically I worked myself up and managed that store for the last couple of years, Now I’m actually going into a butchery apprenticeship as of a week or two from now. Big change in direction. 

CRAWFORD: Do you do any other types of training programs? Diploma courses or certificates?

FRASER: Very basic stuff. Basic first-aid, for example. Other than that, not really a lot. I’ve done food handling stuff in the past - some certificates for that.

CRAWFORD: What about your diving?

FRASER: I’ve done a free diving course, 3-day block course. Learning breath hold and that side of things. And just the techniques and everything else behind free diving and harvesting fish. 

CRAWFORD: Have you ever hung out with people who are either science students or professional scientists? Or have you ever helped them out, or been exposed with that kind of person in a way that you might have picked up some science knowledge? 

FRASER: Yeah, I briefly mentioned Clement Larue from the Otago University. I’ve done diving with him on numerous occasions.

CRAWFORD: You’ve known him for what, 4 or 5 years?

FRASER: About 4 years now, yeah. He’s not in my main diving groups, so I don’t get out with him as much as I like, but he’s from the zoology background. I couldn’t say exactly what, but his knowledge is quite extensive, especially with marine animals. Just talking with Clement a lot about the Penguins and the Sea Lions and Fur Seals and what not. 

CRAWFORD: Anybody else like him you know?

FRASER: No, no. Most of the other guys I get out with are just recreational guys.

CRAWFORD: What about Māori people in your history? Friends, co-workers?

FRASER: I dive with a couple of Māori fellas. One guy more than the other. But yeah, other than that, no I haven’t really had a lot of Māori exposure.

CRAWFORD: A little bit though.

FRASER: Yeah, certainly a little bit.

Copyright © 2017 Tristan Fraser and Steve Crawford