Stewart Harvey


YOB: 1948
Experience: Commercial Fisherman
Regions: Catlins, Foveaux Strait, Fiordland, Stewart Island
Interview Location: Waikawa, NZ
Interview Date: 11 January 2016
Post Date: 11 November 2017; Copyright © 2017 Stewart Harvey and Steve Crawford


CRAWFORD: When you said you’ve seen one White Pointer in the wild, I think you said it was down at the Traps? Roughly what year was that? 

HARVEY: Oh, that’d be in the ‘80s. We'd go down there in the Santa Maria. I think it was ’75 my Father bought it from Italians in Island Bay. 

CRAWFORD: So, you were 40-something by the time you saw a White Pointer for the first time? 

HARVEY: Yeah. We were out there, we were getting about half a ton of Cod a day. We had my Brother, my Father and old [Mickie Calvin], and meself. We were all working a couple of lines each and you just, you know, you go down and bring her up, and you know, get your Cod on it. And Mick was bringing the line up, and then he said, "Look at this!" and the shark was following his Cod up, and then he disappeared. 

CRAWFORD: The shark went back down? 

HARVEY: Yeah, he just turned when he’d seen the boat, and disappeared out of sight again into the blue. Ol’ Mick said "I’ll let the line down and get him." And the Old Man said "No you won’t. You’ll just have nothing left." But he never came back again. 

CRAWFORD: So that was the one time, following up the handline. 

HARVEY: Reckon he was about 12-foot. 

CRAWFORD: And very clearly a White Pointer?

HARVEY: Oh yeah. After seeing the photos now, and that. He was. 

CRAWFORD: After fishing your whole life, you fished about 55 years, and you saw one White Pointer yourself. That's pretty rare. 

HARVEY: Yeah. 

Copyright © 2017 Stewart Harvey and Steve Crawford