Stefhan Brown


YOB: 1972
Experience: Surfing, Surf Life Saving
Regions: Otago, South Island, North Island
Interview Location: Dunedin, NZ
Interview Date: 02 December 2015
Post Date: 14 September 2017; Copyright © 2017 Stefhan Brown and Steve Crawford

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CRAWFORD: In terms of your mates in this entire region - Karitane down to Kaka Point - did anybody else have experiences that were much different from yours? Anybody else get a Level 3 or a Level 4 with White Pointers in certain places?

BROWN: Well, the latest one, because we always hear about them, but the latest one was that down at Quinn Point. That's a surf spot - its nickname is Lobsters. It’s a surf spot. About 4-5 weeks ago now, I think I called you about it. They had what we’ll call a drive-by. Five of these surfers out, they all clearly saw a very large shark swim through. And they very, very clearly identify it was a shark. 

CRAWFORD: A White Pointer?

BROWN: No, they just used the word ‘shark.’ 

CRAWFORD: Ok. Very large - it could also be a Basking Shark.

BROWN: Correct. But I don’t know if it’s a bit early for all the Basking Sharks in this cold water. 

CRAWFORD: Ok. In terms of the description of its behaviour, did they say anything about speed, anything like that?

BROWN: Well, I haven’t talked to them personally. I just know it’s come from an alert that goes out to all the surfers that goes “Hey, we’ve seen one, they’re hanging around here.

Copyright © 2017 Stefhan Brown and Steve Crawford