Project Classification of White Pointer-Human Interactions

The following classification grew naturally from interviews with expert knowledge holders, as a general descriptive system by which White Pointer-Human interactions could be grouped in a manner that was considered to being simple yet meaningful.

Level 1 - Observation: Human perceives White Pointer, but with no indication that the shark was perceived and/or responded to the human in any way.

Level 2 - Swim-By: White Pointer approaches and passes in proximity to Human, and departs without breaking stride or altering course.

Level 3 - Interest: White Pointer returns from a Swim-By, circles or otherwise demonstrates some interest in Human and/or associated gear. Includes bumping, nudging or mouthing - but only at intensities seeming to be more curious than aggressive or predatory.

Level 4 - Intensity: White Pointer demonstrating fast, erratic or powerful intensity in proximity to Human and/or associated gear.