Lance McKirdy


YOB: 1979
Experience: Scuba Dive Instructor/Guide
Regions: Canterbury, Cook Strait, Fiordland
Interview Location: Milford Sound, NZ
Interview Date: 08 February 2016
Post Date: 01 December 2017; Copyright © 2017 Lance McKirdy and Steve Crawford


CRAWFORD: In a general sense, how much has Māori culture and knowledge affected your understanding of New Zealand marine ecosystems?

MCKIRDY: High. I’d put it about a 4 out of 5.

CRAWFORD: For those that say High, I ask them why.

MCKIRDY: Because I think that Māori had a better natural understanding, and more connectedness to the marine life.

CRAWFORD: Ok. Do you have particular people in your life who have shared that with you?

MCKIRDY: No, it’s more general. There isn’t much of Maori tradition in this region.

CRAWFORD: What about the Science influence on your understanding of the marine ecosystems?

MCKIRDY: I would say that, of course, scientific knowledge should be ranked Very High. However, I don’t like the fact that a lot of Science around fisheries is about how much fish they can keep catching, before it’s all gone. 

Copyright © 2017 Lance McKirdy and Steve Crawford