Dave Taylor


YOB: 1959
Experience: Commercial Fisherman, Cruise Skipper
Regions: Otago, Catlins, Foveaux Strait, Fiordland
Interview Location: Milford Sound, NZ
Interview Date: 06 February 2016
Post Date: 01 December 2017; Copyright © 2017 Dave Taylor and Steve Crawford


CRAWFORD: How high would you rank the contribution of Māori culture and knowledge on your understanding of the marine ecosystems here in New Zealand?

TAYLOR: None, really. I don't believe Māori use to do a lot of fishing. In general, the Māoris have had a bit of influence, but since we've had vessels and people sailing, the Māori and the white man's input has all been the same thing.

CRAWFORD: In terms of Science, how much of what you know about marine ecosystems came from Science culture and knowledge?

TAYLOR: It would be quite high, yeah. If you can call it science, I talk to guys like you about what you do. That’s where I learned deep down about what I know. 

Copyright © 2017 Dave Taylor and Steve Crawford