Craig Hind


YOB: 1977
Experience: Boater, Recreational Fisherman, Scuba Diver, Spearfisherman, Charter Skipper
Regions: North Island, Fiordland
Interview Location: Milford Sound, NZ
Interview Date: 05 February 2016
Post Date: 01 December 2017; Copyright © 2017 Craig Hind and Steve Crawford


CRAWFORD: In general, to what extent do you think that Māori culture and knowledge has contributed to your understanding of New Zealand marine environments, ecosystems?

HIND: Low. Mainly because I’m not New Zealander, so I’ve never grown up with it.

CRAWFORD: The Indigenous perspective in South Africa - how much did that affect you while you were growing up? 

HIND: I was brought up on the east coast in Zululand, so I grew up with Zulus my whole life. They were a huge influence on my life. 

CRAWFORD: Was the White Pointer an important part of their culture? 

HIND: They were terrified of the sea. They never went into the water, they did not go anywhere near it. 

CRAWFORD: And never had? Was it culturally that they just avoided?

HIND: They just stayed away because there were things in there that would eat them. They wouldn’t go anywhere near it, because people disappeared when they went swimming. The ocean was always so rough. They didn’t know how to swim. It wasn’t a source of food for them. 

CRAWFORD: They were not a fishing or a boating culture?


CRAWFORD: In terms of Science culture and knowledge, how much has that affected your understanding of marine ecosystems? 

HIND: Medium to High.

Copyright © 2017 Craig Hind and Steve Crawford