Barry Bethune


YOB: 1940
Experience: Commercial Fisherman, Recreational Fisherman
Regions: Catlins
Interview Location: Kaka Point, NZ
Interview Date: 17 February 2016
Post Date: 11 November 2017; Copyright © 2017 Barry Bethune and Steve Crawford


CRAWFORD: In terms of Māori culture and knowledge, how much would it have contributed to your knowledge of the sea and the marine ecosystem? 

BETHUNE: In this area, I would put it at low. 

CRAWFORD: And what about the contribution of science knowledge to your understanding? 

BETHUNE: Quite high. High. 

CRAWFORD: Why would you rank it as high? 

BETHUNE: It had a lot to do with Bob Street. And he used to have his mate in those days, he was a joker named [Corbett]. He used to dive with Bob, doing their Crayfish surveys and whatever. Had a lot to do with DOC and the marine reserves. And some others in the early days, a few of the different ones.

CRAWFORD: So, part of your science knowledge because of individuals, and partly because of liaison with management agencies and stuff like that.


Copyright © 2017 Barry Bethune and Steve Crawford