Perry Barr


YOB: 1963
Experience: Spearfisherman, Scuba Diver
Regions: Fiordland, Stewart Osland
Interview Location: Milford Sound, NZ
Interview Date: 05 February 2016
Post Date: 01 December 2017; Copyright © 2017 Perry Barr and Steve Crawford


CRAWFORD: How high would you rank the influence of Māori culture and knowledge on your understanding of New Zealand marine ecosystems, generally?

BARR: Very low, because I haven’t met many people.

CRAWFORD: In terms of Science? How much influence has Science culture and knowledge had on your understanding of marine ecosystems?

BARR: I would say pretty much medium to high. I love the shark programs and the research they do with it. And then to get a good understanding for me - what they’re about, and they’re not just mindless, senseless, killing things.

CRAWFORD: If you had to pick medium or high in terms of Science influence on your understanding, what would you pick?

BARR: Probably high. One scientist I met was Kina Scollay. He came in to do some drone work in Milford Sound, so I approved the drone work for him and coordinated with them. I heard about him because he got attacked by a White Pointer in Chatham Islands, and that interests me a lot so I’ve had a few beers with him at a lodge so I was very interested to hear, "God, what was that like? And you still get in the water?" And he goes, "Yeah, I still film sharks." He’s really into it, and they are doing the deep blue or something, still filming for the series of the national board out of Dunedin, two hours of TV programming anyway. So that, I’ve had a good chat with him about it and stuff. They were doing drones, but they were diving as well. They had a big dive tank, so they were all in the water doing underwater photography of the big blue out there, and they came across sharks, and that kind of thing. 

Copyright © 2017 Perry Barr and Steve Crawford