Ate Heineman


YOB: 1950
Experience: Commercial Fisherman, Scuba Diver
Regions: Otago, Catlins, Foveaux Strait, Rakiura/Stewart Island
Interview Location: Port Chalmers, NZ
Interview Date: 15 November 2015
Post Date: 17 May 2017; Copyright © 2017 Ate Heineman and Steve Crawford


CRAWFORD: What other types of local people around here [Port Chalmers] would be knowledgeable about White Pointers?

HEINEMAN: John Malcolm did the nets. 

CRAWFORD: For the DCC [Dunedin City Council]?

HEINEMAN: The DCC for a good number of years. And Graeme Fraser did them too. But I don’t think Graeme ever caught sharks like John did. 

CRAWFORD: When you think about local people who are Māori who …

HEINEMAN: Not really no, I gave one name there earlier of a guy that I know, knows a lot of Māori history from around Otakou. Edward Allison. I don’t think Edward would have much in the way of first-hand experience, but certainly would have heard the stories and that sort of thing.

CRAWFORD: In terms of science people, who do you know who would be a science person that would know about White Pointers around the Otago Peninsula, Stewart Island, Southland in general?

HEINEMAN: I’ve never really thought of that very much. 

CRAWFORD: Have you interacted with science people? 

HEINEMAN: Not really.

Copyright © 2017 Ate Heineman and Steve Crawford