Alistair Child


YOB: 1946
Experience: Spearfisherman, Scuba Diver, Commercial Fisherman, Underwater Observatory Manager
Regions: Otago, Catlins, Fiordland
Interview Location: Milford Sound, NZ
Interview Date: 08 February 2016
Post Date: 01 December 2017; Copyright © 2017 Alistair Child and Steve Crawford


CRAWFORD: How much has Māori culture and knowledge affected what you know about marine ecosystems? 

CHILD: Very Low. 

CRAWFORD: How much has Science culture and knowledge affected your understanding of marine ecosystems?

CHILD: I’ve been very lucky, in that I have a fairly high knowledge of how it all ticks. 

CRAWFORD: You've had a natural passion for that, ever since you were a kid. 

CHILD: That’s the key ingredient. You need to have that, to start with. And I am a bit of an artist. I haven’t done much recently, but I used to draw all the muscle structures of brachiopods for science papers. 

CRAWFORD: If you had to rank the effect of Science on your understanding, would it be High or Very High?

CHILD: Well, Very High I think

CRAWFORD: I think so too. 

Copyright © 2017 Alistair Child and Steve Crawford